Stop Wasting Time and Money Focusing on The Wrong Parts of Your Product Design

Get feedback from live users on which parts of your product they find most frustrating, then use it to create a more user friendly, and faster growing product.

How Do You Know Which Parts of Your
Product Users Are Struggling With?

There’s only one reason people are using your product… it’s because you’ve promised to save them time, money, effort, or give them something they desire like entertainment, or happiness.

They log in with one goal in mind. Perform a set of tasks that create a feeling of relief, happiness, accomplishment, or success.

They log in expecting to feel better afterwards.

But what if they don’t?

What if one day they realize that using your product has become a source of frustration for them? What if they grow to dread, or even hate, logging in?

What does that mean for you?

Worst case scenario... All of your users eventually leave for your competitor whose product delivers the same value, minus all the frustration.

It happens a lot (just ask

To avoid this, you need to be in constant contact with your users. Doing thing like user testing, user interviews, and analytical research, all so you can uncover which things people find most frustrating, and the steps you need to take to correct them.

The problem? It takes a ton of time, a ton of talent, and a ton of money to gather that information.

It’s not always a realistic strategy to hire an entire UX team and implement expensive testing and research.

But without it, you end up operating blindly. Picking features to build, pages to re-design, functionality to change, based on nothing but “hunches”.

But you can’t build a successful product on hunches.

Think about it, can you answer any of the following about your own users?

  1. What is the most difficult part about your sign up process?
  2. Do users find it frustrating to reset their password?
  3. Have users been researching competitors? Why?
  4. Do users get stuck trying to update credit card information?
  5. How hard is it for a user to invite a friend to use the product?

What if you knew exactly which parts of your product needed work? What if you could fix usability errors quickly, before users left for your competitors?

What if you could know exactly what parts of your product need improvement, without spending a lot of time and money?

How much easier would it be if you could wake up each morning, and look at a report that told you exactly which parts of your product design needed to be fixed?

Think about it…

  • You’d know exactly how people felt about your new feature.
  • You wouldn’t need to wonder what’s causing people to abandon you for your competitors.
  • You wouldn’t be spending time working on things that don’t have a positive impact on your business.

Best of all, you wouldn’t need to dedicate hours to conducting a bunch of research just to uncover where your users are getting frustrated.

What if instead, you could focus your time on solving these problems, instead of looking for them?

UserPings tells you exactly which tasks your users find the most frustrating.

We created UserPings because we know exactly how time consuming and difficult it can be to “get out of the building” and start communicating with users.

Most team members are handling between 2 and 3 completely separate roles and simply don’t have time to spend hours each day having conversations with users, trying to “seek out” their problems.

You need something that takes care of these “initial conversations” for you, and creates a shortcut between you and the most valuable feedback you need.

Create a “User Ping” for any task within your product, and get its “User Effort Score” returned a short time later

A User Ping is a simple notification that appears directly after a user has performed a specific task, like resetting their password, or uploading a new profile picture.

It asks users to rate the degree of effort required, on a scale of 1 - 7, and then allows them to expand on their answer further (if they want to).

These tasks are specific to your product, and a User Ping can be easily created for any task.

Over time you will get an average
“User Effort Score” for each task.

When a task’s score drops below 5, it means that it is causing most users a degree of frustration and should be improved.

The open ended answer portion of each question will give you insight into some reasons why it’s causing users a problem.

As well, you can follow up directly with these users to learn more about how to fix the problem (or recruit them for user testing / interviews).

Don’t worry. We won’t ask a user more than once to answer a user ping, and they have the option to opt-out of all pings at any time.

Learn exactly what you need to do to start improving your product’s design and usability.


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